WE are unique and competitive.

They are just two reasons why traders in Titchfield believe shoppers can only benefit from supporting their local stores.

With their unique stock and competitive prices, local businesses in the village are encouraging shoppers to step inside and give local a try.

Their calls to back the Daily Echo’s Buy and Shop Local Campaign were joined by Fareham

MP Marl Hoban who is also urging people to get behind the local shops.

More But Local, Shop Local

Being unique is the selling point for Angie Dunleavy and her gift shop MF Two, which has been in the centre of Titchfield village for five years.

Angie has her finger on the pulse and knows the wants and needs of her customers and has developed a whole local range to feed that.

With her own Titchfield range, including tea towels and the use of local photographers and artists to create exclusive cards and paintings, her customers can feel confident that they are helping to boost the local economy.

She said: “Everybody needs cards and gifts and what I try to offer here is to provide customers with something different and something that has meaning to their local surroundings.

“I know what my customers want and they know they can ask me if I haven’t got something in store. I provide that personal service, while offering something unique for a competitive price.

“Here they can get gifts and cards that they cannot find anywhere else.”

Angie’s feelings were backed up by Fareham MP Mark Hoban who believes it is more important than ever to get behind our local shops, who are being hit hardest during the credit crunch.

“Local shops are a key part of the local community and we need to support them,” said Mr Hoban, who lives in Locks Heath.

“They add variety to our high streets and shopping centres.

We would be far worse off without them.

“I support my local shops, and it’s more important than ever to do so now. The big shops have got big reserves to rely upon – they can better withstand the current financial circumstances than smaller shops and businesses.

“Some of the small shops in Fareham have closed down recently, which is a sign of the retail climate. We need to continue to support local shops. With a local shop, you are not just supporting the shop, but supporting local producers and local suppliers.”