HIS shop serves hundreds of homes in one of the most residential areas of Romsey.

But Siddhardh Patel knows small businesses like his need support more than ever before.

The owner of TM Stores in Viney Avenue is backing the Daily Echo’s Buy Local Shop Local campaign and says shopping at convenience stores rather than giant supermarket chains has plenty of benefits.

He said: “We all need support from the community.

“I heard about the campaign and it is necessary at the moment because of the financial crisis.

“People are moving towards shopping at supermarkets these days, but you can still find cheaper deals and products at smaller shops.

“Also, if I don’t have something in the shop, I can order it in for people.

“Why go all the way to a supermarket and stand in a queue, when you can go to your local store and support local businesses?”

He is just one of hundreds of independent companies to sign up to our Buy Local, Shop Local campaign, aimed at boosting Hampshire’s local traders.