THEY are stylish and sophisticated reminders of Southampton’s glorious past.

A series of metal sculptures have been erected around the Holyrood estate in tribute to the role the area has played in the city’s history.

Standing tall at various locations throughout the estate, the five steel sculptures – which cost a total of £32,000 – depict iconic characters from Southampton’s past.

Welcoming visitors to the estate at the corner of Orchard Lane is a Titanic Stevedore, remembering the city’s connection with the tragic liner.

In King Street, the Agincourt Archer recalls how Henry V’s troops set sail from Southampton to wage battle with the French in 1415.

Along Queensway, the Sailor’s Angel signifies the ancient maritime tradition of placing models of sailing ships inside churches such as Holyrood Church.

The Merchant Sailor in College Street stands as a reminder of the many vessels which brought all manner of goods in and out of the city.

Finally, a sculpture in Orchard Lane pays tribute to wealthy merchant Dame Claramunda who traded from her house in the area in the early 1200s.

The scultpures have been welcomed by estate residents.

Alison Jurd of Holyrood Tenants’ and Residents’ Association said: “Not only do they make the estate look better but they will teach some and remind others of the part Holyrood has had to play in Southampton’s history.”