HOLLYWOOD superstars who made their names immortalising the doomed liner Titanic have stepped in to help secure the future of the last remaining survivor of the tragedy.

Film stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have pledged "considerable donations" towards a $30,000 fund to help keep Millvina Dean in her Hampshire nursing home.

Last month, the 97-year-old auctioned off a second collection of personal belongings and memorabilia associated with the 1912 disaster to help her cover the £3,000-a-month cost of her care.

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Her plight has attracted international attention, and last year the Daily Echo revealed that I'm a Celebrity…star David Gest personally visited the pensioner to donate a month's fees.

Now, after an appeal from an Irish photographer who has included a shot of Ms Dean in a new collection, some of those behind the 1997 blockbuster movie based on the ship's story have also stepped in to help.

As well as the two lead actors, director James Cameron has put his hand in his pocket to help contribute to The Millvina Fund.

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