MUM Krystal Smith thought she was doing the right thing by making her daughter wear a new pair of prescription glasses.

Even when little Rubie started crying every time she wore them, Krystal followed the advice of doctors, nurses and opticians and made her put them on.

But after nearly two months of her daughter repeatedly bumping into furniture, falling over, being grumpy and pleading “Mummy, I can’t see”

Krystal knew there must be something wrong. To her horror, she discovered she had been given a faulty pair of glasses by Specsavers in Shirley and feared that her two-yearold daughter’s vision could be permanently damaged.

The problem was picked up during a routine appointment at Southampton General Hospital’s eye unit where Krystal showed staff Rubie’s glasses.

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They found that the two lenses had been mixed up – leaving the toddler unable to see out of her good right eye and long-sighted left eye.

The 19-year-old of Millbrook Towers took the glasses back to Specsavers but was told they were fine so she telephoned the hospital who then contacted the opticians to get a new pair.

The single mum said: “You rely on opticians to give you the right glasses.

There could be many more children with the same problem.

“Rubie only gets one set of eyes and it is wrong that she was forced to struggle with the wrong glasses.

“Thankfully she is now back to her normal happy self with her new glasses.”

Luckily an emergency appointment at the hospital’s eye unit has revealed that Rubie has suffered no permanent damage although she will have to undergo further tests in June.

Leighton Simmons, Retail Director of Specsavers in Shirley said: “At Specsavers we very much regret the problems that Rubie has had and we are investigating how her glasses could have passed through our rigorous checking process.

“We are pleased that Rubie and her mother have accepted a free second pair of glasses as a token of thanks for their understanding in this matter.”