IT MAY have cost a Hampshire MP more than £1,600 but the Daily Echo’s DIY duck island cost just over £20.

A more modest version of Gosport MP Sir Peter Viggers water feature can be completed on a shoestring.

The smaller scale duck island has a thick polystyrene base, thinner polyfoam walls, roof tiles, wooden decorations and a lick of paint.

And all bought from a craft store with change from £21.

All it needs is a square base, a smaller square of thin polyfoam card glued together with four equally cut triangles for a roof.

Add some decorative small pieces of wood and little roof tiles, all painted over to finish.

It may only be fit for a rubber duck in a bath but it doesn’t cost the earth.

Our DIY duck island materials ■ A thin 60cm long strip of balsa wood (windows) £0.49 ■ A thicker strip of balsa wood (door frame) £1.25 ■ Acrylic paints – seafoam green £1.25 ■ Luscious lemon and Amish grey £3.98 ■ 100 roof tiles £3.49 ■ Polystyrene sheet (base) £4.99 ■ Two Westfoam polystyrene sheets £4.99 ■ Total £20.44