SHE was given them by a friend to serve up to her guests as scrambled eggs.

But bed and breakfast owner Caroline Halse then hatched an altogether different idea – letting her resident peahen Valentine sit on them.

When a gosling finally emerged from one of the goose eggs Mrs Halse was amazed to see the hen adopt it – even going as far as tucking it into bed.

Mrs Halse, who runs How Park Farm near King’s Somborne, said: “It was a sort of a joke, some friends came and suggested that I give the eggs to my guests as breakfast, because they make very good scrambled eggs.

“But instead of that I put them under Valentine and she hatched and this very tiny yellow thing came out.

“Valentine has been very good with the gosling, she walks it around, shows it what to eat and puts it to bed at night,”

she added. “I have never heard of it happening before.”