COUNCIL chiefs are launching a new crackdown on drunken yobs.

Police will be given extra powers to tackle the problem under plans drawn up by civic leaders in Totton, which has seen a spate of alcohol-fuelled disturbances.

Totton and Eling Town Council is seeking the implementation of a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) covering the whole parish.

If the order is approved, anyone causing a nuisance will be told to stop drinking and hand over their alcohol. Those who refuse will be prosecuted and fined up to £500.

The issue was raised following problems in Rumbridge Street and other parts of the town.

Councillors complained that residents were having to put up with noise and swearing, plus streets and gardens littered with broken bottles.

Former council chairman Alan Weeks said: “The order would give police extra powers that might help. It’s worked elsewhere and should be tried here.”

However, several members of the Tory group claimed that the police already had enough powers to deal with the problem.

A report to councillors conceded that police felt a DPPO was unnecessary.

But Tory Cllr George Dart said: “I’m not convinced. The town is often littered with bottles and beer glasses that have been tossed all over the place.”

A proposal supporting the introduction of the order was passed by nine votes to eight.

Now the district council will be asked to carry out the consultation process that has to be completed before the scheme can go ahead.