That was the verdict of inspectors on Scantabout Primary School in Chandler’s Ford, which has chalked up top grades across the board.

The driving force behind that success according to Ofsted inspectors is excellent leadership, spearheaded by head teacher Veronica Shaw.

This, coupled with top class teaching, attention to every child’s needs and a particular strength in music, has seen it become one of the county’s leading schools The report said: “Scantabout is an outstanding school.

This is due to the excellent leadership and management of the head teacher and deputy head teacher.

“Thanks to the outstanding care shown by all adults, pupils of all abilities continue to make excellent progress throughout the school. By the time pupils leave school, records show they achieve high levels for their age.

“Music is a strength of the school and pupils are given many opportunities to develop their musical talents.”

Special mention was also given to the school’s Early Years Foundation Stage which inspectors judged as excellent in enabling youngsters to quickly become confident and successful learners.

Even outstanding schools however have room for improvement and the inspectors want to see teachers make the most of the school’s extensive grounds.

Mrs Shaw said: “I am delighted with the outcome of this inspection. The whole school team has worked so hard to achieve this success and we are thrilled that our efforts have been recognised.

“What we aim to provide is the best possible education for our pupils, while ensuring they are happy and confident individuals. All this is encompassed within our motto ‘Achieving our best together’.”