This time of year is always an awkward to write about.

The Tuesday after bank holiday in 2003 is when my brother passed away.

As my blood tests since before Christmas 08 have not been normal there has been a constant reminder all year.

Haemachromatosis is a iron overload disorder it is something that contributed to my brother’s death and is something that someday I will develop too.

If the blood tests continued to get worse then it would of meant a liver biopsy to be certain of what is happening. This would of meant an operation and with a 1 in 3 chance of bleeding would of meant I would of been out of action for a while.

Suddenly my charity plans were put into perspective the hundreds of hours I put and the preparation for the New York Marathon would be wasted.

Thankfully that wasn’t a case but it did mean it gave me new motivation to get on with things.

This weekend I not only face old memories but hundreds of bank holiday commuters and the participants of a scooter festival.

Hundreds of passengers, miles and pounds await.