Intimidating, as they looked a weekend of scooter boys showed you can’t judge a book by its cover.

In terms of chucking change in the bucket they were probably the best bunch all year. There was a big scooter rally on the Isle of Wight so I encountered hundreds of them.

The beer monkey (a curious chap who leaves a lot of change in your pocket after a night out) had meant there were plenty of coins to go round.

What is more amongst this group there were three people who had haemachromatois.

One of these spoke to me about how it was likely liver cancer was developing because of it.

Something about these guys kept me going. The cycling on Sunday was excellent nice cool conditions.

I got the 9am ferry from Southampton and finished twelve hours later.

Monday looked to offer the same then the sun came out which is my worst enemy.

I’m in the pet area on the ferry which behaves like a greenhouse when it gets hot. I only managed nine hours on Monday because of this.

Oh well at least I have new kit to look forward to this week.