TERESA De Simone's killer confessed to police that he was the person behind her rape and murder - after the man wrongly imprisoned tried to clear his name.

It has today transpired that David Lace made his confession to Teresa’s murder some 18 months after Sean Hodgson first made an unsuccessful attempt to clear his name.

The 1983 Investigation

Tests undertaken by the Forensic Science Service proved 57-year-old Mr Hodgson could not have carried out the killing – which he had initially confessed to – and judges ruled in March that his conviction must be quashed.

As the hunt to find the real killer got under way, the discovery of new paperwork containing the confessions – which was never linked to the original case papers – put detectives on to a fresh new lead.

Using new technology and the DNA database they are believed to have traced their new suspect through members of his family.

It was on August 12 that Lace’s remains were exhumed from his grave at Kingston Cemetery in Portsmouth. He is thought to have been buried back in the city where his family lived.

Under the cover of darkness, detectives leading the reinvestigation into Teresa’s murder oversaw the process which was carried out alongside officials from local authorities.

During the past few days Lace’s family have been told of the confirmed results which backed up the firm belief that Lace raped and murdered Teresa in the back of her Ford Escort.

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Detectives say the family had been completely shattered when they initially were told of the investigation and had told of their sorrow for Teresa’s elderly parents.

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