THAT was the fate of these gorgeous kittens who were found fighting for their lives after being abandoned in a Hampshire field when they were just a few weeks old.

Sadly, only four of the seven siblings, left to fend for themselves and covered in fleas and excrement, were found alive in Allington Lane in Fair Oak.

The survivors were found by two girls horseriding who took them to the Blue Cross Centre near Hedge End.

Staff at the centre in Bubb Lane believe the quartet are only about five weeks old.

They cannot understand why the owners did not just drop the kittens off at the centre, which is less than a mile from where they were found.

The kittens – named Jenson, Marms, Buddy and Polly Pocket – are now recovering from their ordeal, getting plenty of care from staff and volunteers.

The animal rescue centre has seen an increase in the number of abandoned cats and kittens and is urging owners to ask for help rather than leave their pets to die.

Due to their age and malnutrition, the kittens will not be ready for new homes for several weeks.

Centre manager Kellie Brooks said: “These kittens are absolutely beautiful and it is so sad that they were just dumped in the middle of nowhere, where they might have never been found.

“For three of them it was too late but these four are very lucky to be alive.

“It is obvious that they are not feral animals, they have definitely had human contact, which makes their dumping even worse.”