A HAMPSHIRE councillor has made a bizarre video claiming that aliens are secretly walking the planet.

Adrian Hicks posted the 27-minute speech on the Internet.

He addresses a shady organisation called Majestic which he alleges is made up of scientists, military officers and politicians tasked with making contact with extra terrestrials following a UFO crash in 1947.

The 52-year-old Liberal Democrat is calling for the unelected group, which he says has links to both the UK and US governments, to come clean and tell the public about the existence of aliens.

Earlier this year, the Daily Echo reported Cllr Hicks’ claims that he had had a close encounter with an alien in Winchester’s High Street in 2004.

The Winchester city councillor told the Daily Echo that addressing the group was the reason he stood for election.

Cllr Hicks, of Granville Place, Wharf Hill, said: “Majestic’s success in protecting mankind from the shock that we are far from alone in the universe has been completely successful.

“For the past 60 years the subject has been shrouded in secrecy. The magnificent job they have done in keeping from us, the ordinary citizens, that we are not alone, is in itself a truly remarkable achievement.

“An organisation that started small but is now colossal, its dilemma is when to formally announce that extra terrestrial contact has been established.”

Majestic is said to have formed after executive order by former US President Harry Truman in 1947 after a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, July 1947.

Conspiracy theorists say it is headed by America’s most senior scientific military experts and has a mandate to make contact with extra terrestrial “visitors”.

In the video, entitled Judgement and Democracy, Cllr Hicks speaks with a Lib Dem logo clearly visible on the screen. He claims contact has been established with numerous extra terrestrial visitors and that technology such as lasers, fibre optic silicon chips and nano technology have been “reverse engineered” from crashed alien crafts during the past 50 years.

Cllr Kelsie Learney, Lib Dem group leader, said: “Adrian is an excellent councillor and works really hard for his constituents.

His UFO beliefs are his beliefs and have nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats.”

An orthopaedic technician in the A&E department at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital for some 35 years, Cllr Hicks won a place for the Liberal Democrats on the city council in 2007. He is up for re-election in 2011.