IT started out as a normal night out with friends – a curry and a few beers.

But one student got a shock when he sat down to tuck into his lamb rogan josh – and discovered the face of Jesus staring back at him.

Solent University student Darren Farrant was about to take a bite out of a naan bread when he noticed the image on the underside of the classic side dish.

The 19-year-old criminology student had been enjoying a curry with friends at Poppadom Express in Oxford Street when he spotted what he claims is an image of the son of God.

Darren said: “A few mates and I decided to go for a curry on Oxford Street.

“We sat down, ordered our curries and some naan breads to go with them.

“When it all arrived at the table, one of my mates picked up one of the naan breads and spotted something.

“There it was staring back at me – Jesus’ face in the naan.”

Darren, originally from East Sussex, added: “I once spotted Jesus’ face in the crinkles of my mum’s bed cover.

“It’s really weird, I can’t explain it.”

Darren saved the Jesus naan and put it in his freezer as soon as he got back to his home in Royal Crescent Road.

He said he and his friends might now put the naan bread up for auction online.

A Poppadom Express Spokesman said sightings of Jesus’ face in naan bread had been reported to them before.

He said: “Once there was a customer who phoned us to say he had seen Jesus in a naan but he couldn’t prove it.

“Now we have the proof.”