DRINK and drug-drivers could be caught out by a simple text message from fellow revellers this festive season.

Police have today unveiled their latest plan to stop people getting behind the wheel while intoxicated as they launch their festive crackdown on the county’s roads today.

No matter how long the walk home or how much the taxi fare, motorists are being warn-ed to avoid the cocktail for disaster and resist the temptation of driving home.

This year the force is using a fluorescent pink cocktail image to drive home the message that driving under the influence of either vice is a lethal cocktail that puts lives at risk.

For the first time offenders can be caught with the push of a button, as officers draw on all their weaponry to put the brakes on those breaking the law, with the launch of their text service.

Now residents can report anyone they suspect has taken to the road while unfit, by sending a text to 80999, making it easier for those in noisy bars and clubs.

With more than 2,700 arrested bet-ween December 2008 and Oct-ober this year, for drink or drug related driving off-ences, resulting in nearly 2,000 arrests, unfortunately there is still work to do to keep these law-breakers off the road.

Sgt John Dainton, from the roads policing unit, said: “If you’re out enjoying the party season this year, make sure you plan ahead and organise a safe journey home.

“Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs puts you and other road users in danger.

“Alcohol, for example, makes it difficult to judge distances, while cannabis can slow your reaction times and cocaine makes you more likely to take risks.

“Combine any of these with driving and the results can be lethal.”

Pubs, clubs and taxi ranks are also jumping on board to tackle the problem, with drinks menus, beer mats and posters featuring the cocktail image for all to see.

Sgt Dainton added: “Our officers know what to look for and the chances are you will be caught, fined, banned from driving or even sent to jail. So if drink or drug-driving doesn’t kill you or someone else, it can still ruin lives.”

The campaign will run until January 31.

Daily Echo: Drink-drivers face text trap