SOUTHAMPTON Test MP Alan Whitehead's expense claims were mainly for mortgage interest and utility bills.

Typical claims between April 2008 and March 2009 included £46 for gas, £102 for electricity, £110 for council tax, £73 for insurance, £46 for water rates, £210 for food and £68 for a phone bill.

The Labour MP claimed £654 for monthly mortgage interest and billed £1090.30 for the annual service charge on his two-bedroom flat in London.

He also claimed £139.50 for a TV licence and £87.95 for bicycle insurance.

In April this year, Dr Whitehead appeared to overclaim for his mortage interest, submitting a bill for £380 when, according to a note from the Fees Office, he "should have" claimed £198.66. The note added that the MP would make a reduced claim the following month.