FINES have been slapped on two pubs and an off-licence who served alcohol to 14 and 15-year-old children.

Chicago Rock and The Oast & Squire, from Fareham, and Allsortz Wine Store, from Porchester, paid £240 between them.

This was part of a police crackdown.

A further 13 premises in the area passed after asking to see identification.

Licensing officer Sergeant Roy Jennings said: “It is slightly disappointing that three premises failed the test, but I am gratified to see that 13 premises passed and are obeying the law.

“We will continue to keep these test purchasing operations as frequent as possible to make sure that the local licensees are maintaining a high standard of training for their staff.

“All infringements are dealt with and serious penalties will be introduced to those premises that continue to serve those under age.”