I DON ’T mind admitting I got a bit misty-eyed last week. The little man was in his first “production”.

All right, that might be overstating it a little – it was no Mayflower-esque musical – but it was just as fabulous in my book.

The letter came home inviting parents to his little nursery group’s Christmas sing-a-long.

After the initial gush of excitement, reality suddenly kicked in that, although this may sound like a lovely idea, in practice Ben could show up the family name.

I say this for two reasons; the first being that there is always one kid who spends the entire performance either picking his nose or scratching himself.

Ben is very much a fan of the former and is often found with a digit wedged up his nostril with a really determined look on his face.

You can’t fault his commitment to the cause but it is just gross.

My second concern was his willingness to take part in the singing, at the right time, with the right song in the right place.

Ok, he is only two but if he is ever going to have a shot at X Factor I need those cute home videos to start now.

He is also somewhat of an ad-libber.

By this I mean he makes up his own lyrics to well known classics.

His favourite is “twinkle twinkle, chocolate bar”. Where he got that from heaven knows. But when I saw this on the song sheet I slightly panicked.

I should not have worried however, as he was brill. Twinkle passed off with the right number of stars and not a chocolate bar in sight.

I don’t mind admitting I filled up my camera with pictures, mainly of other children as Ben kept bobbing behind them, so I just managed to catch the bobble on his Santa hat.

This did not stop me showing the blurred images to friends and family almost immediately.

He was fabulous, I gushed, and only picked his nose once!