COUNCIL bosses today vowed to crackdown on taxi drivers displaying "English speaking" stickers that have sparked a racism row.

The council has threatened cabbies with suspension if they display St George and Union Flag stickers proclaiming they are "English-speaking" drivers.

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It comes after the Daily Echo revealed up to a dozen drivers were showing the notices in their rear windscreens in protest at poor English of some ethnic minority cabbies.

Taxi representatives, councillors and racism campaigners have branded them "racist" and demanded they are removed.

Now the council has said that any cabbie that has a sign or a St George flag in their taxi window will have their licence suspended if they do not take them down within seven days.

The council says they need permission to put up any sign. It is also asking members of the public to report any such signs.

The sticker issue was raised at secret consultation meeting between the trade Southampton City Council last week.