A Southampton bar’s plans to stage a controversial 1p per pint promotion have been scrapped after inquiries by the Daily Echo.

Student venue So Bar in Bevois Valley Road was planning on selling Irish brand Guinness for 1p per pint as part of its St Patrick’s Day celebrations next month.

But the plan angered other licensees who were targeted by police and council officials last year for offering cheap drink prices aimed at students, which had seen a rise in crime and disorder incidents.

Now the So Bar has cancelled its promotion following a meeting with police after the Echo started to look into the concerns of other landlords.

So Bar had advertised the event on Wednesday, March 16, through posters and online through a social networking site with hundreds of people expected to attend.

Bar manager Josh Sinnett said: “We did have an offer where we were going to sell pints of Guinness for 1p a pint when bought with another drink.

“But after talking with licensing officials we have withdrawn the offer and will now be selling it at its normal price.

“We have taken down the posters and removed the Facebook page.

“We are a strictly student venue who always work well with licensing and the police, and we don’t have any trouble here.”

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Bars and clubs across the city centre came under fire from the council and police last year for offering cheap drink prices aimed at students, which had seen a rise in crime and disorder incidents as Tuesdays became busier nights than those at the weekend.

In the past few months police, the council and licensees have been working together to reduce alcohol-related crime and other problems with a number of schemes including the appointment of a night-time economy manager, a minimum price limit on drinks and the introduction of an In Case of Emergency Bus which helps vulnerable people on a night out.

Venue owners have also signed up to an expansion of Licensing Links so late night licensees can have greater control and communication around the night-time.

Last month the Daily Echo also revealed plans to introduce a yellow card system which would see a ban from one, ban from all policy for drunken troublemakers.

Chief Insp Alison Scott said: “We work closely with the licencees in the city who are keen, as we are, to cut cime and antisocial behaviour associated with the night-time economy in the city. With that in mind we spoke to the So Bar about their promotion and as responsible licensees they have decided to withdraw it – a move that we welcome.”