THERE is much evidence to suggest children are suffering from speech delay in modern times.

Experts say spending too much time in front of the TV has resulted in a late developing vocabulary.

I would question these findings if my nearly three-year-old is anything to go by. The little darling picks words up at a staggering degree and I would say he has even learnt the art of negotiation.

Most of my attempts to get him to do something are met with a perfectly formed sentence of: “Just a mimit mummy, I’m a bit busy”.

On a recent attempt to get him to accompany me out of the door in time for work so that I wouldn’t be sacked, he responded with: “Not now, maybe later.”

Again, when I try to point out that having crisps for his morning snack is simply not an option he points a pudgy digit at me and says: “How about just the one?” All these lines I recognise as my own that he is now using against me.

I suppose I should be grateful for the response as the alternative is much, much worse. A complete blank. The boy simply tunes out when he knows I want him to do something to deadline. No matter how many times I repeat his name, even standing in front of him to meet his line of sight, he acknowledges me not. I am left wondering exactly what my options are when the child won’t even respond to his name.

I have tried the old counting to three trick…nothing, the threat of going upstairs…nothing. Short of chasing him around the room I am at a loss at how to engage his attention.

Threatening to simply go without him is a non-starter as I can see him waving me off and closing the door behind me.

It comes down to the fact that I simply don’t like being outsmarted by a toddler.