MICK CHANNON called for Southampton FC'S board of directors to "stand up and be counted" after suffering the torment of their Premiership demise.

One of the finest players ever to wear the red and white stripes roared: "The board's indecision has been final."

"Collectively they should now stand up and be counted. It's not just a one-man show after all. There are others on that board who should be having their say.

"Some tough decisions have to be made in the days and weeks ahead and those directors owe it to the people of Southampton, who have showed how much they love this club, to start making decisions which are right for the club.

"Because, to be honest, they have been making a balls-up of it.

"The reason we're down is that there has been far to much chopping and changing.

"To have three different managers in a year is the recipe for disaster.

"You have to ask what was wrong with Paul Sturrock, anyway. He's shaken Sheffield Wednesday up and taken them to the play-offs, so he can't be that bad."

Channon, who as a young player helped Saints win promotion to the top flight for the first time in the 1960s, said: "It's a sad day for the club but it's a kick up the backside.

"There's got to be some massive culling. They've got a handful of good, solid players. They can build a new side around them.

"I'm not anti Harry. He's only been in the job half a year.

"It's not his fault and I wouldn't have a problem with him staying as long as he's allowed to get on with it.

"And that goes to whoever's doing the job next season."

Channon paid tribute to the magnificent support Saints have received in recent weeks. "They've shown they won't go away even now the team have gone down," he said. "It's their club, not the board's, and it's time the board started doing right by them."