HARRY REDKNAPP believes it will be tough for Saints to bounce straight back into the Premiership without major surgery to the squad.

The Saints manager is unsure about his own future.

But he is certain that the club MUST reduce the quantity and improve the quality of players at St Mary's to best mount a successful challenge in the Championship next season.

"The club is loaded with players," said Redknapp.

"I'm not blaming anyone, it happens over the years but it needs a massive clear-out and get some new blood in.

"If someone can do that and keep the Crouches and Quashies you could build a team that could come up next year for sure.

"I don't know what the plans are. This team (as it is) would be difficult to get up. You have four or five who are definitely going anyway.

"You had (Henri) Camara on loan - he won't be here. (Olivier) Bernard someone tells me is going to Birmingham, (Calum) Davenport goes back to Tottenham.

"It will be hard, I'll be truthful. But they are good lads and honest lads. It's a good club that deserves to be in the Premiership.

"I'm not sure what the situation is. Most of the players will have a clause saying they will get half their contract if they get relegated.

"Most of them are not going to get Premier League clubs - Crouchie and maybe Kevin Phillips will."

Redknapp said problems in the make-up of the squad had been the main difficulty since taking over from Steve Wigley last December.

He said: "The game has always been about good players. It has never changed.

"If you have got good players you have got a chance.

"Unfortunately we have got too many players here. I've never seen so many players in my life at a football club, but short of quality.

"I don't know where half of them have come from but they're here and that's the problem."

Redknapp said he was unsure about son Jamie's immediate plans, but predicted the former England, Liverpool and Tottenham midfielder would go on to have a big future as a manager or coach.

He added: "I'm not sure about Jamie, he has had a lot of injections, it's frightening.

"Jamie has been my strength since I've been here. He's stronger than I am. He has been fantastic in the dressing-room - his positive attitude.

"He'll go on and do his coaching badges and I've got no doubts that he will do great.

"He was offered a fantastic job at Tottenham. Martin Jol wanted him to stay, but he wanted to play football.

"He's in a lot of pain with his knee so I don't know what he'll do yet."