AN Andover grandmother was fuming when she was told by Test Valley Borough Council's environment and health department that a footpath she had seen strewn with rubbish was clear.

Rosemary Russell who lives in Admiral's Way 'absolutely loves living in Andover' but hated seeing the rubbish-strewn path.

It spoilt her walk to work through Walworth Industrial Estate which used to be a pleasure, as she noted the passing seasons.

She would know spring had sprung when flowers began blooming along the footpath.

But these days nature's pleasures have to fight for air amid sprawling polythene plastic.

Rosemary, who is not normally the complaining type, called Test Valley Borough Council's environment and health department.

The council duly sent someone to investigate and, Rosemary claims, later told her they could see no rubbish. She felt such frustration that she thought enough was enough and contacted the Andover Advertiser.

A few days later, environment and health contacted the Andover Advertiser and said: "By the time your paper comes out, the problem will be sorted."

Phil Easton, Test valley Borough Council's environmental services manager said that Mrs Russell's complaint had been dealt with by those involved with pollution.

But it should have been dealt with by the section which deals with refuse collection, street sweeping and recycling. Mr Easton added: "I have to agree with Mrs Russell, it's a hell of a mess."

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