TAFFY the regimental mascot of the Royal Regiment of Wales was unfit for duty when the 1st Battalion went on parade for the first time on British soil in more than six years.

The goat was having a little trouble with a front hoof and is getting on at 11 years old, so he didn't find his way onto the Tidworth parade ground.

His handler for the past seven years has been Corporal Andrew Meyrick who once had to be flown back from duty in the Balkans to attend to the mascot because he had gone off his food without his usual handler.

"He doesn't take to everyone but he goes everywhere the regiment goes," said Corp Meyrick.

The regiment's association with goats dates back to the Crimean War almost 150 years ago when the bleating of a goat woke up a detachment of soldiers to warn them of an impending attack.

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