Kaos Nightclub 94-96 St Marys Street, Southampton

IF you're looking for a nightclub with an underground atmosphere then Kaos should be the destination for your next night out.

Although a fair trek from the Southampton City Centre, Kaos is ideal for students, due to the fact that it is close to Southampton Institute and fellow popular nightclub, Lennons.

From the outside Kaos looks fairly small, but once inside, you realise that it's huge.

With several floors, Kaos has plenty of dance space and numerous bars, so there's always an opportunity to get a refill.

Speaking of drinks, the booze is priced like any other club with a student following.....very reasonable!

Pints are cheap and as well as the regular menu of alcoholic drinks, Kaos have their own concoctionsm, which seem to go down very well with the clubbing-folk.

The music varies from new dance-floor fillers to cheesy pop-classics that everyone knows the words to.

Although the music may not be much different to a lot of nightclubs you find around Southampton, Kaos' urban atmosphere and intimate surroundings gives it a unique quality.


On Wednesday Artful Dodgers' MC Alistair goes head to head with The Family at the Earth Bar and Nightclub in Eastleigh. This event is for U18s only and brings together two of the south's biggest urban acts. This is the first of many high profile events at Earth, with an appearance from Blazin Squad & Celebrity Big Brother's Kenzie in the coming months.The event starts at 7pm. Tickets on the door £5. For details contact 023 8064 1320.