IT's hard to believe that Indie threesome Doves used to be part of one-hit-wonder dance act Sub Sub, who were responsible for the 1993 club favourite Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use).

That said, some subtle dance music undertones are still evident in a few of the band's more upbeat songs, and they have been known to burst into a dance track to break up a soothing set of mellow guitar-driven anthems during gigs.

Perhaps their gig at Southampton Guildhall tonight might adopt a similar varied style.

The threesome have been described as Manchester's most successful current rock act, which is no mean feat, especially as giants Oasis are still around.

When Sub Sub broke up, Doves emerged from the literal-ashes after their studio burnt down in 1997. Since then they have had successes with two critically acclaimed albums and a string of successful singles and tours.

Doves' long-overdue third album, Some Cities, combines uplifting tunes with dark and despairing lyrics, epitomised by their latest single, Black and White Town.

The catchy piano section of this track is currently being used in a number of TV promos, while its video portrays a haunting montage of images of youths living a depressing existence on run-down estates.

Their gig in Southampton tonight is sure to be full of Northern soul and gritty realism.

See the 'What's On' supplement, inside today's Daily Echo, for an interview with Doves frontman Jimi Goodwin.