DAVID PRUTTON'S 10-match ban for manhandling the referee reflects a lack of respect in football, according to Ron 'Chopper' Harris.

Prutton, right, was handed the suspension and fined £6,000 for his reaction to getting sent off in Southampton's bad-tempered clash against Arsenal last week, pushing Alan Wiley as he remonstrated with the assistant referee.

Harris, revered for his uncompromising defending for Chelsea, believes the fine did not reflect the punishment.

The Stamford Bridge favourite, who made a club record 655 league appearances for the club between 1962 and 1980, insists players and managers from his era had more respect for officials.

"I don't think he has any complaints at 10 matches because that is his season over more or less," Harris said. "His reaction was totally unacceptable so a ban of this length is fair.

"The big difference from today is that we had respect for the referee, I cannot recollect any player attacking or abusing the referee or linesman.

"We had disputes but this guy's (Prutton's) actions were ridiculous.

"Fining him £10,000, or even £20,000, means nothing to players today because they are paid so much. He should have had the book thrown at him. It was on television and young kids see these things, it sets the wrong example to them."

Harris praised Saints boss Harry Redknapp for stepping in as Prutton lost control, but believes managers should do more to discipline players.

"With Brian Clough, none of his players would ever disrespect the referee," he added. "People will always voice their opinion if they are disappointed but they would never manhandle the referee."