EMBRACE frontman Danny McNamara says his band owes everything to their best pal Chris Martin after the Coldplay star penned their comeback hit single Gravity.

But the singer promised the band would be turning back to their rock roots with their new album, expected out later this year.

Speaking to the Daily Echo ahead of the band's sell-out gig at the Guildhall in Portsmouth tonight, Danny admitted he's still trying to come to terms with the band's

phenomenal success over the last six months after it seemed they had drifted into the rock wilderness.

"We're doing things I never thought we'd do again," he said.

"We've had a double platinum album, two hit singles and now a sell-out tour. The last few months have just totally blown us away. We never thought we'd get to experience all this again.

"The last few years have been

difficult, but I think what has got us through it is our belief in ourselves. We always believed we had the material there to make another good album.

"I think it is true that without the help of Chris Martin the doors wouldn't have opened for us. Gravity changed everything for us."

Explaining the band's shift from big rock ballads to more melodic tunes he said:

"Every album is different from the last. With this album we tried to capture our live sound. We wanted to recreate that live spirit and I think we have achieved that."