Films showing in the Hampshire region until 18th November.

ALFIE (15): Jude Law steps into the role made famous by Michael Caine, playing a philandering chauffeur who finds himself in trouble when one of his conquests falls pregnant.

ALIEN VS PREDATOR (15): Two horror/sci-fi franchises go head to head when a group of explorers investigating a mysterious pyramid discover it is inhabited by aliens who are being hunted by predators.

BAD SANTA (15): Every year a couple of criminals dress up as Santa and his little helper to get work at a shop only to use their insider knowledge to break into its safe. But one year a little boy helps them see the error of their ways.

BIRTH (15): Nicole Kidman stars as a widow who is set to remarry only to have a child show up, claiming to be her dead husband reincarnate and begs her not to go through with the wedding.

BOO, ZINO AND THE SNURKS (U): German animation dubbed into English about a group of characters from a TV show who are transported into the real world.

A CINDERELLA STORY (PG): Misfiring updated high school version of the fairytale which is aimed squarely at younger female viewers.

EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING (15): Sub-standard horror movie prequel which doesn't come close to the original Exorcist movie. Years before Father Merin fights to save Regan's soul he encounters a demon in Africa.

FINDING NEVERLAND (PG): Charming, well-acted film about the creator of Peter Pan JM Barrie's friendship with a young family who inspire him to write his most famous work.

FIVE CHILDREN AND IT (U): Based on the story by E Nesbit, a group of children discover a fairy who grants them a wish a day but deliberately misinterprets what they ask for, causing chaos.

THE GRUDGE (15): English-language remake of Japanese cult hit about a house with a curse which consumes everyone who encounters it.

A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD (15): A love triangle, involving a gay man, a bisexual man and a heterosexual woman, becomes even more complicated when the woman becomes pregnant.

LAYER CAKE (15): British gangster film that covers familiar ground with Daniel Craig playing a smooth-talking drug dealer who decides to accept one last job.

PRINCESS DIARIES 2: THE ROYAL ENGAGEMENT (U): In order to take her throne princess Mia must find a husband within 30 days or forfeit her birthright.

SAW (18): Horror in which two strangers become the latest victims of a deranged serial killer. Not for the fainthearted.

SHARK TALE (U): When a shark dies in an accident a young fish, Oscar, takes credit for killing him, catapulting him to celebrity status but getting shark mobsters on his back in the process.

SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW (PG): Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law take to the skies in this action packed science-fiction fantasy.

WHITE CHICKS (12A): Two male black cops go undercover as a pair of white society girls. An extremely far-fetched but funny film.