SOUTH West Trains has apologised for delays in some of its early morning services but says there will be improvements soon following train upgrades, the end of autumn leaves and the start of new winter timetables.

Commuter Donna Marie Atkins, of London Street, Andover, said over a two-week period every train she tried to catch to get to work in Whitchurch was either cancelled or delayed.

"When they do turn up they consist of a ridiculously small number of coaches, meaning that people have to literally push their way on and off the train," she said.

"I feel I and many others, are being taken for a ride, but not the one we have paid through the nose for." South West Trains, which runs the service, admits there have been problems.

"This time of year isn't always the best time for travelling because of bad weather and the seasonal problem of leaves on the line," said South West Trains spokesman Michael Cavan-agh.

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