DOZENS of students at Southampton University queued for vaccines yesterday following an outbreak of mumps across the city.

About 90 students booked to be immunised while scores more attended three drop-in sessions, which had been hastily arranged across the university site.

University of Southampton spokesman Sue Wilson said there had been 12 confirmed cases of mumps but stressed the number had not increased since last week.

"There seems to have been quite a good response to the immunisation programme, with a steady stream of students throughout the day," she said.

The university and Southampton City Primary Care Trust hope to arrange further immunisation sessions next week.

Students at Southampton Institute, where there have been three cases, were being given jabs at the Herbert Collins Building in East Park Terrace between 9am and 4pm today.

Health officials say cases in South-ampton remain lower than in some parts of the UK, but are higher than anticipated for this time of year. The situation is being monitored by the Health Protection Agency.