WORLD-famous garage act So Solid Crew came to Southampton yesterday to promote race relations among young people.

Four members of the group, pictured with young fans, took part in a Commission for Racial Equality youth conference at the city's St Mary's football stadium.

They were mobbed by scores of teenage fans as they arrived at the all-day event - and twin brothers Dwayne and Noel Thomas, also known as Radical and Stampede, gave a rap-lecture about using "responsible lyrics" in their songs to quash race tensions.

So Solid singer Natalie Suliman, 19, said: "Ever since I joined the group two years ago, I've realised that my voice is being heard - people take what I say seriously. I want all young people to have a voice and I want to help with that."

The group has previously joined anti-gun and anti-violence campaigns, though star Jason Phillips was jailed last year for possessing a loaded gun.