A WATERSIDE schoolboy stunned coaches by swimming a mile - aged just five years old.

Daniel Colmer, from Marchwood, achieved the feat during a crash summer swimming course at Shirley Swimming Pool.

Tutor David Perry said: "He is a very accomplished swimmer for his age.

"Daniel has a thorough grasp of the basic strokes, first learnt in baby classes then in toddler groups. Just coming once a week for half an hour is all it takes.

"It is an achievement for anyone to swim a mile, let alone a five-year-old."

Daniel took just over an hour to swim 64 lengths of the pool.

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) praised his achievement.

An ASA spokesman said: "To have swum one mile without stopping is

a great achievement for a five-year-old.

"The ASA's rainbow award, aimed at swimmers aged five years and over, includes a one-mile badge with emphasis on a stress-free, continuous swim."