WOMEN'S clothing and Danny La Rue go hand in hand.

Entertainer Danny was on hand at a fashion show of new uniforms for lollipop ladies - and men - at Southampton's Civic Centre

He wasn't just there for the outfits though, as he presented six Southampton lollipop men and women with awards for their long service and hard work.

Winifred Dack, Wendy Barnes, Colin Smith, Diane Tubbs, Margaret Russell and Lynda Sopiwynk were all given certificates and champagne by Danny to mark dedication to Southampton schools - in Lynda's case dedication lasting 26 years.

"A sense of humour, and good friends, have kept me going," Lynda said.

"Friends who, when you've had a bad day, you can cry on their shoulders."

Danny was full of praise for the hard-working lollipop force of Southampton, his home city of 19 years.

"I'm pleased to be here today," he said. "They do such a wonderful job and that's why I agreed to come. They've all enjoyed it, everyone is happy, and a fashion show as well!

"Everybody has been lovely and it's lovely being home."

The event was well attended by lollipop men and women from veterans to those who had only just been trained.

Mayor of Southampton, Dennis Harryman, also attended the awards presentation.

After Danny presented the awards, it was time for the fashion show when models unveiled new winter and summer uniforms for lollipop ladies and men.

But Danny had his own ideas on how lollipop ladies could keep warm in the winter.

"Give them long woolly drawers," he suggested. "They're very sexy and they all wear them in America!"