MEMBERS of a family teamed up to complete a sponsored triathlon in aid of Wessex Heartbeat.

Former heart patient Colin Pankhurst, his wife Carol and their daughter Lisa say their joint effort has raised at least £2,100 for the charity.

Mr Pankhurst, 44, went to his GP last year after suffering pains down his left arm - a classic symptom of heart disease.

He was later admitted to Southampton General Hospital, where he underwent a five-way heart bypass operation that took six hours.

The family's triathlon was staged at the Thruxton motor-racing circuit near Andover.

Mr Pankhurst completed a 21-kilometre cycle ride. His wife staged a three-kilometre run while Lisa, 19, rowed three kilometres on a machine.

They were cheered on by their other daughter Laura, 16, an athlete who staged her own triathlon on the same day.

Mr Pankhurst, of Water Lane, Totton, said: "I'm fully fit and leading a normal life after the operation.

"But we have decided to split the triathlon up among ourselves because it would have been too much for me to do on my own."

Mr Pankhurst, a maintenance operator at Fawley Refinery, praised the backing he had received from colleagues.

He said: "I've had fantastic support from the people at work, plus a terrific reaction from family and friends.

"I set out with the intention of raising about £1,000 but it's just snowballed."