TOGETHER their efforts have spanned two continents in the hunt for the man wanted for the murder of Southampton teenager Hannah Foster.

Yesterday chief officers from the Punjab and Hampshire's leading detective on the Hannah Foster murder team Det Supt Alan Betts came face to face to review the case to date.

Both police forces remain confident they will nail their man and they are investigating new ways of raising the profile of the manhunt still further.

Det Supt Betts said: "We had a long and successful meeting in which we discussed the inquiry in much depth.

"I believe the meeting was of great benefit to both parties, and we are confident in the Punjab police's determination and ability to apprehend the suspect."

The inquiry has been hugely boosted by the visit to India of Hannah's parents Hilary and Trevor Foster.

Overcoming their still raw grief the couple have managed to tell their story to the Indian public pleading for help in the capture of the main suspect - Maninder Pal Singh Kohli.

It seems to have worked. Every leading paper in the Punjab region, where they have so far held two press conferences, has carried their story, often on the front page. International television stations have devoted regular airtime to the story and prime time local news channels also headline their trip.

The Fosters' heartbreaking story has touched many. Already 134 calls have been made to the hotline set up by Trevor and Hilary in their bid for information on the location of the man suspected of Hannah's murder.

The information from those calls will be passed on to Punjab police to investigate, although officers say it is to early to comment on the quality of that information received.

Journalist in the Punjab Shubhranshu Choudhary said: "Their story has been on the front page and on the third page of the top two newspapers in the region.

"Before they came out it wasn't a very well known story so this has really helped.

"It was a wise decision to come here."

Although the Fosters are not planning any more press conferences they will be meeting other officers working on the inquiry along with local politicians on Friday, accompanied by Det Supt Betts to increase the profile of the hunt for Kohli.

The father-of-two was identified as the prime suspect after he fled to India following the discovery of 17-year-old Hannah's body in March last year.

Trevor and Hilary and the Hampshire police team are due to return home on July 21.