THAT was the plea from the parents of murdered schoolgirl Hannah Foster today as they appealed directly to the Indian people to help catch the prime suspect in the case.

Hilary and Trevor Foster made the emotional appeal at a press conference in the country this morning where they asked for the public's help in finding Maninder Pal Singh Kohli - the man wanted for 17-year-old Hannah's murder.

In a stifling hot room packed with up to 50 journalists the couple braved the Indian media to do one thing - tell Hannah's story.

Mr Foster, 53, said the time had come to tell people about Hannah - the story right from the beginning - and why it was crucial that her killer be brought to justice.

"We feel quite strongly that the information must be out there that can lead to the capture of the prime suspect so we have been appealing as best we can for people with information to come forward."

Mrs Foster said: "It was very hot with no air conditioning, it was a strain but we got through it. We had to tell Hannah's story, right from the start so that was hard."

Mrs Foster also spoke of her anguish at coming to the homeland of the man wanted for her daughter's killing.

She said: "On the flight as we got nearer I could feel the panic levels starting to rise. I find myself scanning the streets for any Sikh, asking myself could that be him?"

Asked why they have chosen now to make this personal plea to the Indian public, Mr Foster replied: "This has been the first time we have felt strong enough. For us the grieving process goes on and on but we now feel we can cope with all this."

The couple also urged members of the public to use a special hotline they have set up in India to call in with information that could lead to the capture of Kohli.

During the press conference the telephone numbers were publicised of the hotline that has been set up independently by the Fosters in the hope of encouraging people who might not want to talk to the police direct to come forward with information.

Mrs Foster added: "We just want people to hear our story, see us and hear what we have to say. I hope and pray that they will use the hotline."

Along with internal numbers people from the UK and around the world will also be able to ring in with information.

They also reiterated the reward that has been on offer for a number of months of five million rupees, equivalent to about £65,000, for information that leads to Kohli's arrest.

New posters printed in different languages are also being circulated in the region, picturing Kohli in many different disguises, advertising the reward money.

The couple are spending 11 days in the Punjab region in the country where Kohli is still believed to be at since he fled there two days after the discovery of Hannah's body in Allington Lane in West End. A post-mortem revealed she had been raped and strangled.

In all two press conferences have been planned during the trip along with meetings with police officers, Indian politicians and officials from the British High Commission.

The Fosters have already met the call centre workers who will be taking calls from members of the public using the 24-hour hotline.

Their presence has also raised the profile of the manhunt as their visit has been publicised on prime time TV news.

Hannah was snatched just yards from her home in the Highfield area of Southampton as she returned from a night out with friends on March 14.

In all four hotline numbers have been launched; an internal Indian freephone line: 1600 121 233, an Indian local rate number: 0124 504 7848, a UK freephone number: 0800 032 9937 and a line for people ringing from other countries: +91 124 504 7848.