IT HARDLY seems possible that we're coming up to the tenth Power in the Park.

And it's almost as incredible just how many chart stars - some of which are now all but forgotten - have taken to the stage on Southampton Common to entertain the city's pop fans.

The first of the free concerts, organised by radio station Power FM and now an annual tradition, took place on May 21, 1995, with the line-up including Let Loose, Sean McGuire, China Black and Bitty McLean.

"The aim was simply to give listeners a special 'thank you' and the event was more of a roadshow than the slick, highly-organised event it has become," explains Power FM's marketing controller, Sophie Fenning.

"Fans came in their thousands and Southampton had a big success on its hands."

Whatever the weather - an all-time low was 2002, when it rained all day - fans have flocked to the Common to see their favourite acts.

Southampton star Craig David was among the music-lovers who turned out in 1997 to see Damage - the band Craig had won a competition to write a b-side for.

Craig got to meet the band in person and afterwards said: "To actually meet them in my home town is fantastic. It was a real boost for me that they actually remembered who I was and had such nice things to say."

Three years later, Craig took to the Power in the Park stage himself, along with fellow homegrown stars Artful Dodger.