Films showing in the Hampshire region until Thursday, 27th May.

50 FIRST DATES (12A): Romantic comedy about a man who falls for a woman with memory loss and finds himself having to make her fall in love with him again every day.

AGENT CODY BANKS 2 - DESTINATION LONDON (PG): Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle returns to the big screen in his role as a pint-sized spy. One for the kids.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (15): A young man discovers that he can travel back in time to and make changes to set the world to rights but he soon learns that even the tiniest of changes can have dire consequences.

THE CAT IN THE HAT (PG): Live action version of the Dr Seuss book starring Mike Myers as The Cat. Children will probably enjoy this but it is so far from the original story that Dr Seuss fans may be disappointed.

CITY OF GOD (18): Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro take different paths: one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer.

ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (15): Cinematic masterpiece by Charlie Kaufman about a man who decides to have all memories of a relationship erased but changes his mind once the process has begun.

FOG OF WAR (PG): Focusing on the former US Secretary of Defence and the various difficult lessons he learned about the nature and conduct of modern war.

THE FOOTBALL FACTORY (18): A documentary-style film following a young Chelsea hooligan who likes nothing more than having a punch-up. However, after a recurring nightmare he begins to question his reasons for being in the gang.

THE HAUNTED MANSION (PG): This spooky offering stars Eddie Murphy as an estate agent who decides to view a mysterious old house.

KILL BILL: VOL 2 (18): The Bride continues her killing spree in order to get revenge on the gang which killed every other member of her wedding party and left her for dead.

LAWS OF ATTRACTION (12A): Romantic screwball comedy starring Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore as two top lawyers who find themselves on opposite sides of the same case.

LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION (PG): Some well-known Looney Tunes characters come together for this family adventure blending live action and animation.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (12A): Final instalment in the box office smash trilogy of Tolkien adaptations.

SCOOBY-DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED (PG): The Scooby gang go up against a villain who is re-creating all their previous foes, such as The Creeper and Captain Cutler.

SECRET WINDOW (12A): Johnny Depp stars as a writer who is accused of plagiarism by a strange man who is determined to get 'justice'.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD (15): Spoof British zombie horror movie spin off of TV series Spaced. Shaun is given the chance to prove his worth when a zombie holocaust sweeps across London.

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN (12A): The perfect life of writer Frances has just taken an unexpected detour. Her recent divorce has left her with terminal writer's block and extremely depressed.

VAN HELSING (12A): The first of the summer blockbusters, starring Hugh Jackman as a monster-catcher who has been sent on a mission to kill Dracula.

THE VIRGIN SUICIDES (15): A group of male friends become obsessed with a group of mysterious sisters who are sheltered by their strict, religious parents after one of them commits suicide.