THREE renowned Hungarian folk musicians team up with three British performers to create Fianna - in The Forge at The Anvil next Wednesday, at 8pm.

Authentic Moldavian, Bulgarian and Transylvanian virtuoso fiddle-playing counters driving uillean pipes and the ever-sensitive melodeon playing, as well as the contemporary vocals of former BBC Young Traditional Award winner Luke Daniels (Broderick/Lost Music of the Gaels).

The band Fianna was established by Janos Lang (fiddle) and Kornel Varga (guitar) in 1996. At the time, the band played only traditional Irish music.

The turning point in the career of Fianna was meeting the piper Alan Burton during a tour in England.

With this encounter, a new chapter began in the band's life, resulting in a unique English-Hungarian musical co-operation, and three new musicians - Akos Kertesz (percussion), Luke Daniels (melodeon) and Rick Foot (double bass) - joined the band not long afterwards.

This brought an emergence of a slightly new direction, since the English musicians had always been keen on east European music, while at the same time, their Hungarian counterparts had immersed themselves in Celtic styles.

This is how Fianna developed their special flavour, a careful mixture of traditional European folk and modern musical elements with the roots of Celtic traditions.

The musicianship within this band is impeccably high, with lightning fast, water-tight tunes that represent the very best of instrumental acoustic music.

Tickets for Fianna, priced at £11, with concessions £8, are available from the box office on 01256 844244, the website or by using the ticket fax 01256 366900.