A SERIAL sex offender today begins a life sentence after attempting to rape a teenage girl walking from school.

It's the sixth time Neil Morrow, who admitted he had an intense anger against women and fantasies of rape, has been convicted of a predatory sex attack.

His latest victim had been walking along a path - known as Lovers Lane - off Challenger Way in Dibden when she was attacked from behind.

Prosecutor Justin Gau told how Morrow had pushed the 15-year-old girl to the ground before indecently assaulting her and pulling her trousers down. She was also kneed in the head.

"He came out and grabbed her from behind and lay on top of her. He pulled at her clothes so that her trousers were ripped," he said.

The victim managed to kick 24-year-old Morrow in the groin before running for help.

In extracts of a letter read out to the court the victim described how the ordeal had badly affected her.

She said she panics when people are behind her and has become suspicious of all men.

DNA evidence led police to arrest Morrow, of Cambria Drive, Dibden, who admitted one charge of indecent assault after the attack on September 18 last year.

He was also found guilty by a Southampton Crown Court jury of attempted rape.

Gary Venturi, mitigating, said Morrow was "ashamed" to find himself in court again.

"The court and the public have a right to be concerned about this man but much work can be done to work through his problems while he is unable to be at large."

Sentencing, Judge David Griffiths said he had no other option but to impose a sentence of life imprisonment.

"The prosecution have opened this case by saying that you quite deliberately targeted this poor unfortunate girl and I am satisfied that is what you did.

"It was only her courage and physical resistance to you that prevented you raping her."

He said the predatory pattern of Morrow's offending, targeting young vulnerable women who were not known to him, put him at a high risk of reoffending.

After five years Morrow will be able to have his case for early release on remand heard but Judge Griffiths warned that the public should not be misled into thinking he would be let out then.

"The public should be assured that the Parole Board takes this task very seriously and a thorough risk assessment is made."

After the case Det Con Paul Williams said: "Morrow clearly posed a danger to the public, particularly to young girls, and we are very pleased with the sentence.

"I know the victim was very deeply shaken and hurt by the attack but I am pleased to say she is recovering well, having moved away from the area."

Morrow's name has been added to the Sex Offenders' Register and he has been banned from working with children.