LUDGERSHALL anti-mast campaigners who travelled to County Hall in Trow-bridge to lobby county councillors have persuaded them to adopt a new policy and set the council at loggerheads with the police authority.

Wiltshire County Council will no longer allow masts on land under its control and several councillors were very unhappy at the way the police authority has undertaken the erection of the controversial masts.

Campaigner Julie Hannaby-Lee, from Stable Close, Ludgershall, said that the Tetra mast - used to improve police communications - was within 50 metres of homes and had caused devaluation of property, continual anxiety and long-term fears over health - especially for those homes with vulnerable young children.

"Surely we have a right to live in peace and with without anxiety in our own homes," she said.

"We feel this mast is a violation of our human right." The area's county councillor, Mark Connolly, said: "This is the first time in 11 years of being a member of this council that I have tabled a notice of motion but I feel very strongly about this matter."

He said there had been minimal information about the masts and questioned whether 'the police authority circumventing the planning process is an example of best practice'.

The police authority, he alleged, had a rude and dismissive attitude to those with concerns about masts and questioned why the safe limits for mast radiation in the UK were often many, many times higher than those operating in some European countries.

Councillor Terry Chivers, said: "There are too many unanswered questions and there seems to be very little consultation with residents.

"I wrote to the police authority when these masts were first being considered but received no reply until I sent a second letter, after which I was told it is not the authority's policy to reveal sites of masts in the county."

Ian West said the mast in his Wylye division had hit TV reception, caused car alarms to go off, opened automatic garage doors and had possibly put nearby traffic lights out of action on the busy A36.

After the meeting Mrs Hannaby-Lee said she was pleased with the stance taken by the county council and how the profile of the matter had been raised.