BOURNEMOUTH LODGE wormed their way to success in the Reelcare Knockout Cup first round.

Their chopped worm approach saw them take third, fourth and fifth places individually and a team weight of 221lb 2oz to book their place in the August final.

Bournemouth Lodge proprietor Neil Cook, who has continued to support the side since he took over the shop from Iver Brittain, will be delighted with the way his squad saw off top opposition for their first team victory on Longbridge, which has proved a stumbling block in the past.

Steve Hemmings took a superb 70lb 4oz of carp and mixed fish on the pole and worm from peg 11 for third, with Nathan Fox fourth, with 62.3 from peg 32 on the canal and Chris Albiston fifth with 59.5 of carp from peg two.

Mickey Dean added the finishing touches with 29.6 from peg 23 - all silver fish.

West Country Raiders Sillybait put in a solid team performance to finish second with 181.1. Individual winner Nathan Leney took 98.6 of carp to 12.0 from peg C on pole and corn to set his squad up for a qualifying second.

Reelcare Ringers can thank Marc Illingworth, who finished second with eight carp for 81.5 from peg 13 on the back bank and Steve Hunt, who took 50-10 from the canal, for their third-place weight of 158.3 which booked their place in the final.

Others: Allan Marine 123.13, Cormorants B 99.2, Chichester 87.9, Davis Angling 83.4, Cormorants C 73.0, Team Emstat 70.5.

Individuals: N Leney (Sillybait Red) 98.6, MIllingworth (Reelcare Ringers) 81.5, S Hemmings (Lodgemen) 70.4, N Fox (Lodgemen) 62.3, C Albiston (Lodgemen) 59.5, D.Bannister (Chichester) 50.12.

The final round of the Witherington Farm Teams of Four saw leaders Witherington Select collect £1,100 prize money with 293 points. Eastleigh Mosella (£600) finished second with 275, with Poingdestres Match Group (£300) third with 262 and Carbotech fourth with 238.5

Points on the day: Eastleigh Mosella 42, Witherington Select 39 and Poingdestres 38.

Individually, Mark Harvey (Pewsey) set a match record on Topmoor with a massive 161.4 of carp taken on surface bread on the pole from peg five with fish to 5.0. Graham Tappenden (Eastleigh Mosella) finished second with 134.7 of pole and corn-caught carp from peg two, with Pete Newman (Poingdestres) third with 126.13 of pole and surface bread-caught carp.

Others: J Heaven (Witherington Select) 96.15 and G Naylor (Kings Toyota) 72.2.

The Bournemouth Lodge evening series on Hordle again saw bumper weights. Barry James (Christchurch Angling Centre) took 85.13 of carp to 6lb on four-metre pole in the margins on willow from behind the island to win from Wareham's Chris Burgess (55-11 of carp on pole and band and pellet on willow). Bournemouth Lodge's Chris Albiston finished third with 40 carp for 48.13 from the canal on corn. Others included C Mapstone 47.0, M Mancey 45.5 and S Mancey 34-12.

The TUAC Celestial Cup match on Nutsey, also a Kings Toyota qualifier, went to Bob Chapman, whose 15 tench on pole and corn for 49.7 comfortably beat Nick Jones's 11 tench for 37.2 on pole and maggot.

Match secretary Cliff Carbis finished third with six tench for 23.7, with Rob Chapman fourth with five tench for 17.10. Others included I Elcock 17-1, A Palmer and K Downer 15-6.

Greenridge Farm's open saw Dynamite Baits' Simon Hambidge continue his good run with 133-2 of carp to 5lb on pole and floating bread from peg 14 on canal two to comfortably beat Colin Stark, who took 93.6 of carp on floating chum mixer on the pole from peg 12 on canal two, with Eastleigh Mosella's Bob Drew third with 72.10 of carp on the pole and meat and Kev Hatcher fourth with 62.14.

The open at Witherington saw victory for Salisbury's Mark Blake, who took 65.10 of carp to 5lb on pole and worm from Topmoor peg 83 by the bridge to win from Mark Canning (Salisbury),who had 56.10 from peg 79, with John Gray third with 50.8 and Julian Heaven fourth with 48.12.

Stoneham's evening open again saw 30lb needed to frame. Kev Downer fished peg 27 on the pole and corn and pellet to take 40lb of tench, cruscians and skimmers. Chalkie White caught 32.8 of mixed fish on the pole and pellet, with Kings Toyota's Dave Higgins third with 30.8 of tench, crucians and skimmers from peg seven on the island. Adam Sears was fourth with 30lb from peg one.

Cormorants' match on Greenridge saw Pete Newman (Poingdestres) take 136-8 of carp on surface. He fished bread from peg 14 on canal two. Dave Hambidge (Dynamite Baits) finished second with 93.0 on pole and cat food from peg nine on canal one, with Clive Egerton (Poingdestres) third with 63.6.

Others: G Maton 57-0, G Collins 53-1 and S Rochester 26-0.