A CAMPAIGN to protect shopworkers from antisocial behaviour is being launched.

Amid mounting evidence that thousands of people working in shops fear being attacked or verbally abused, retail union Usdaw is urging all of its members to make full use of new government measures to tackle antisocial behaviour.

The union is organising a National Respect for Shopworkers Week in July to highlight what shopworkers can do.

As part of the campaign, a leaflet is also being published which lists practical measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of antisocial behaviour.

The campaign has been welcomed by Southampton shopkeeper Norman Fairchild, who is the manager of the Moorefair supermarket in High Road, Swaythling.

He said: "I would welcome anything that raised awareness of what we have to put up with. The main problems come when we refuse to serve alcohol to people or if we know they are under-age.

"They do get angry with staff and when you throw them out they try to put your windows in."