I KNOW from personal experience how hard the David Lloyd team train - and they also party hard as well!

Like their opponents Fishnets in the match I went to watch, David Lloyd were only formed two years ago.

Both teams were inconsistent with their play but tried really hard throughout.

In the end, though, it was David Lloyd who emerged 25-12 winners.

Let's meet the teams.


Coach: Karen Prout. She has been playing the sport for 25 years and coaching the DL side for 10 of them. Likes swimming and attending the gym.

GS: Natalie Homfray, 28, works at Southampton general hospital as a finance manager for the Trust HQ. She likes playing badminton and tennis and her party trick is making cocktails.

GA: Rachel Warn, 21, is in her second year at university studying business management. She likes travelling and socialising.

WA: Sarah Waters, 27, is a nursery nurse at the Twyford Pre Prep School, where crumpled clothes and paint in the hair is always a good sign of a successful day. Her ambition is to bathe in champagne after winning the netball league!

C: Karen Stride, 40, is the oldest DL player - but, she claims, the youngest-looking! She is a fitness instructor and also designer for the last 16 years.

WD: Wendy Smith, 29, is a teacher at Bartley Junior School. Her hobbies are travelling, tennis and socialising.

GD: Kate Mason, 27, enjoys windsurfing, partying, eating and going to boxercise classes. She is also a keen supporter of Stoke City FC.

GK: Beverley Westwood, 28, is a French teacher at Thorndan School. Her hobbies are theatre and travelling.


GS: Abbie Kemp, 26, is a probation officer who likes sailing and skiing.

GA Karen Green, 27, works in a research lab. She is a talented piano player and an extremely good dancer. She also likes reading and watch films.

WA: Catherine Elcock, 26, is a probation officer. She has only been playing netball for two years.

C: Heather Matthews, 27, works in admin for Skandia Life. She likes attending church and the cinema.

WD Sarah Hutching, 28, is a big Saints supporter who likes going to the gym and travelling. Has been playing netball for two years.

GD: Liz Clark, 28, is a temp who enjoys films and reading . Her nickname is limbripperlizze -which means if you annoy her, she goes wild!!

Katherine Shields, 26, runs an organic farm in Lymington. Her hobbies are walking and skiing.

Southampton's Jan Crabtree has been appointed the England Under-21 assistant coach.

It is a step up in challenge for Crabtree, who was the national Under-17 coach for last season.

I know her mum Doreen is so proud of her and it's great news that Southampton is getting recognised for its netball.