Hampshire's Alan Mullally with his thoughts on the world of cricket...

THERE'S a lot of talk in English cricket that if you do the business for your county, then the international selectors will come and have a look at you.

Well, we are top of the table in the championship and third in the one-day league, we have made the best start in our history, we are playing some fantastic cricket, but I've still not seen the likes of David Graveney down at the Rose Bowl.

A couple of the guys have got to be worth a look - especially Dimi Mascarenhas for the one-dayers.

His form this season has been outstanding - he has done absolutely everything that could possibly have been asked of him.

As a bowler, his strength is that he is such a great foil to the quicker guys and it is working extremely well for us.

He bowls in the right areas, he moves the ball around and he puts pressure on the batsmen.

He is also a very good batsman and a really good fielder.

Over the winter he worked extremely hard on his fitness and he deserves his success.

He might not be ready just yet, but another who the selectors must surely be keeping a close eye on is Chris Tremlett.

He has improved out of sight compared to last summer, but there is still so much more potential there.

Chris has gifts from god. He is 6ft 8in and is still getting physically much stronger - not just in the muscles you might want to show off at the beach, but also his bowling muscles - his backside, legs and core strength.

The down-side to his physique is that sometimes it takes time for the bones and muscles to catch up, but he is as strong as an ox and it is really starting to show on the field.

We are only now just starting to scratch the surface of how good he is. The big thing as well is that he is very determined, very down to earth and just a great lad.

If he keeps progressing the way he is, there is no reason why he won't be opening the bowling with Steve Harmison next summer against Australia.

The amount Chris can eat is also phenomenal. He is given twice as much food as everyone else!

Hampshire haven't had too much success in recent seasons and the England people haven't bothered coming to watch us much.

But these young guys are doing the business and definitely deserve to be looked at.