WHAT lengths some people will go to for their art!

It's not in his job description, but legal eagle Simon Rhodes, a partner with south coast law firm Lester Aldridge (LA), has grown this goatee beard in order to get into character for a piece of thought-provoking drama.

The employment expert and his colleagues are to enact an entertaining and realistic fly-on-the-way documentary for more than 150 guests next Tuesday at one of Hampshire's premier corporate function venues.

LA's employment team play the parts of employer, worker and legal adviser to highlight practical issues that arise in offices across the region.

The cast is led by Simon, who takes on the role of David Blunt, an employer who is big on vision and short on people skills.

Aptly-named Blunt shows how his blunt style of management causes untold problems.

If that doesn't strike a chord, then the stage role of solicitor Paul Hodgson will. He plays Ivor Wright, a junior manager who seems to know more about his statutory rights than his job!

Set in five scenes, the free seminar covers paternity leave, long-term sickness, poor performance and company restructuring.

Through guidance and advice, the audience of employers learnt how to deal with such situations in such a way as to achieve their objectives and also meet their legal obligations.

The event by LA, which employs 300 people at its offices in Southampton and Bournemouth, will be held at Somerley House, a private stately home near Ringwood in south-west Hampshire.

Susan Evans, head of LA's real-life employment team, said: "We have chosen a light-hearted approach to this year's seminars.

"Our main message, as always, to employers is to make themselves fully aware of employment legislation."

A similar seminar at the same venue earlier this month attracted 100 people.

To book a free place, contact Laura Balmer at LA on 01202 786161 or laura.balmer@la-law.com.