Jon Gittens has landed himself a charge of misconduct - for allegedly calling a referee's assistant a CHICKEN NUGGET!

The former Saints and Pompey defender couldn't resist a wry smile when he discovered he was in the dock for using 'foul' language.

The charge dates back to Easter Monday when Gittens' Fareham Town side lost the Easter Monday derby 1-0 at home to Gosport Borough in the Sydenhams Wessex League.

"I called the linesman a nugget and the referee sent me behind the dugout, but when the report came back it said I'd called him a chicken nugget," he smiled. "It's laughable. Absolutely pathetic.

"If that's foul language, then I think we're losing touch with reality."

Ironically, Gittens has conditioned himself to use the 'n' word so as not to blurt out anything stronger in the heat of the moment.

He said: "I don't swear, but I have a few words I use to get my frustration across. I can't believe I've been charged for saying 'you nugget' to a linesman!